You Asked, We Delivered – Adapting to Your Day: Dynamic Start/End Points in Route Optimiser

Jonathan Isaacs
September 4, 2023

You Asked

For flexibility in the route optimiser to manually adjust the start and end locations, especially for those with variable starting points or travelling from remote locations.

We Delivered

Enhanced customisation in the route optimiser, letting you easily adjust both start and end locations.

Working on the go can be unpredictable. Your day may not always start from the office, and end locations can vary – especially for those travelling away from home or with varying starting points every day. Recognising the need for greater flexibility, we have made it possible to manually adjust start and end locations in the route optimiser.

The process is straightforward: access the route optimiser as you usually would, and you will spot new icons allowing for the necessary adjustments. Whether you are selecting a contact saved in your CRM, an address via Google, or pinpointing a location with What3Words, we have made it as intuitive as ever.

This update does not just offer convenience. It is about savings too. Join the myriad of users who've slashed thousands of pounds off their annual costs by harnessing the power of the route optimiser.

Existing customers can find out further details on our release notes page. Alternatively check out our help site article on the route optimiser. For further assistance or queries, please reach out to RoadCrew via email (, by phone (+441134571000) or your customer success representative.

For those not yet on BigChange and looking to become unstoppable, book a session with our product experts today.

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