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You Asked, We Delivered - Edit Purchase Orders Post Sync

Jonathan Isaacs
November 20, 2023

You Asked

How can we make changes to Purchase Orders after syncing them with Sage or Xero?

We Delivered

The power to edit your Purchase Orders post sync, without losing any integrity in the process.

Understanding the dynamic nature of business, we know that changes are inevitable, even after syncing your Purchase Orders (POs) with your financial package, you may still want to add additional parts.

With our latest update you can:

  1. Alter descriptions, codes, quantities, and even tax codes with ease.
  2. Add new items or remove existing ones, as long as one line item remains.
  3. Continue to rely on the integrity of your data, as crucial fields like reference number and supplier remain locked.

No more calling back-and-forth to correct a synced PO, or, creating a brand new one. With this new feature, BigChange empowers you to keep your financials accurate and up-to-date, effortlessly.

Begin exploring this feature by visiting our release notes page. Need more help? Contact RoadCrew or your Customer Success Representative.

If you're not yet a BigChange user and wish to improve your job management, book a session with our product specialists today.

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