Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline: sell faster and transform sales productivity

Win more work faster and boost the efficiency of your sales team. Track all your deals and sales opportunities on the same platform where you manage all of your work.

Smash your targets

Keep track of every deal and sales opportunity

Sell faster and more efficiently by logging and tracking sales opportunities in BigChange CRM. Your team can work more efficiently with sales deals, quotes, proposals and a full work history for every customer at their fingertips.

Stay on top of your sales pipeline, so deals don’t slip away

You can prioritise and plan your sales activities better when you have full visibility of what’s in your pipeline. Keep up with due dates, know the right time to re-engage and stay on top of hot opportunities that are ready to close. BigChange ensures your sales team are setup to succeed.

Forecast more accurately with up-to-the-minute sales reports

Ready-to-go sales opportunity reports give you the up-to-the minute view you need to manage your sales proactively. Most importantly, you have the confidence to forecast sales with more accuracy and have the data you need to act with speed.

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