CDC Draincare boosts productivity & expansion with BigChange

CDC Draincare has expanded significantly since introducing new technology from BigChange that wirelessly connects field service engineers to a centralised management system.
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Drainage, waste and environmental
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A number of systems, including vehicle tracking, accounts, and job management, worked separately and weren’t integrated.


Everything is in one place and accessible 24/7 from any location. Digital workflows improve operational and back-office efficiencies and boost customer service levels.

The BigChange field service management software has replaced a number of disconnected systems with a single solution that provides real-time visibility of all jobs, nationwide, across different businesses and office locations.

“BigChange has provided a platform for us to freely expand the business, allowing us to transform into a seamless and paperless operation. We’ve doubled the number of jobs we do nationwide without having to increase staff to manage the extra workload so we’re probably twice as productive in the office.

“And, through better scheduling and resource allocation, we’ve increased field service productivity by about 20% since introducing BigChange.” Simeon Turner, Group Operations Director, CDC Draincare.

CDC Draincare’s multi-skilled engineers are equipped with mobile devices running the BigChange app that synchronises, in real-time, with the office. Using the BigChange job management system, which incorporates customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, resource management, financial management, and business intelligence, CDC Draincare has a paperless, end-to-end solution, with real-time insight for anyone who needs it.

With a fleet totalling 18 vehicles, BigChange is being used to monitor driver and vehicle performance and engineers use their mobile devices to undertake daily vehicle checks, digitally. Customer Services also have a live view of engineer’s movements and ETAs can be automatically provided to customers.

Much of CDC Draincare’s work requires a rapid reaction, typically with a one-hour response rate. Providing information on job status to customers is therefore crucial, and BigChange provides complete visibility with completed job cards, tracking logs, and time stamped photos from site for before and after job reporting.

Safe working and compliance are important priorities for CDC Draincare and sister company Grease Guru which deals with fat, oil, and grease build-ups in commercial kitchens. The BigChange app provides workflows that guide engineers through the correct health and safety procedures and ensures risk assessments are completed correctly.

“BigChange is a great tool for managing safety, compliance, and training. The app helps guide users while on site so we can get new staff up and running quickly whilst adhering to our health and safety standards.” Sarah Turner, Compliance Manager, CDC Draincare.

CDC Draincare is also taking advantage of the integration between BigChange and XERO accounting software. With contact and invoice data automatically synchronised between the two systems, double keying is eliminated saving hours in manual administration as well as minimising inconsistencies and improving data quality.

“We are rapidly expanding the business through organic growth and acquisitions which means we have to manage multiple companies and locations. BigChange is ideal as it is cloud-based and can be instantly duplicated for anyone, anywhere, and it’s easy to customise for different services.” Kirsty Riggs, HR Manager, CDC Draincare.


Established in 1997, CDC Draincare operates 24/7 responding to drainage call-outs with services that include removing blockages and repairing, maintaining and renewing drain and sewer networks. With offices in Leeds and Manchester, the company operates nationwide and also has a specialist grease management business Grease Guru for servicing the catering industry.

"BigChange is a great tool for managing safety, compliance, and training. The app helps guide users while on site so we can get new staff up and running quickly whilst adhering to our health and safety standards".
Sarah Turner
Compliance Manager, CDC Draincare
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