Big News: A big leap in customer service is coming: get ready!

Jonathan Isaacs
October 23, 2023

At BigChange, our commitment to transforming lives is unwavering. We pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding expectations, and our world-class customer service is testament to that.

But as the saying goes, "Good is the enemy of great." So, we're about to take our already stellar service to even greater heights.

🔜 Here's What's Coming 🔜

  • Easy Search and Help: Find answers on your own with our new and improved help centre.
  • Making Things Quicker: If you can't find the answer you need, we will be making it easier to reach out via our online portal.
  • More Ways to Reach Us: We're adding new ways for you to get in touch when you need us using our chatbot as well as the new online ticket portal.
  • We'll Keep you Posted: Expect even more news and updates from us about things you care about through our success centre.

💬What BigChangers are Saying💬

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. These changes are all about making sure you, our customers, have the best experience possible.

Tansy Sheehy, Customer Service Director at BigChange

Operational excellence and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Our updated approach is designed to drive clearer and more frequent communication and for us to be transparent about all ongoing incidents, requests, and changes. Our goal is to provide the best service possible combined with the quickest response.

Ian Burgess, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Operating Officer at BigChange

👀 Keep an Eye Out! 👀

We can't wait to show you everything. But for now, keep a close watch on our success centre for more news and updates.

🤔 Want to Know More? 🤔

If you're new to BigChange and want to learn more, have a chat with our team.

Already with us? Your personal Customer Success representative is always there to help.

Get ready for some exciting changes because at BigChange, we believe every change should make a big difference for our community.

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