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How can Service Management Software save your Business Money? Part I

5 March 2019

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> How can Service Management Software save your Business Money? Part I

Workforce management today requires a complicated balancing act.

Attempting to coordinate a dizzying array of workers and service contractors with job assignments as they develop in real time can often prove to be an exhausting process. Within the highly competitive service sectors that you operate in, every edge is needed to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In practice, by providing the best service experience and expanding organizational transparency, customers will be more likely to buy your product or service. The question then becomes:

What tools can help your business improve customer experience and save you money in the process?

In bringing together back-office CRM, work order management, job management and job scheduling, together with fleet and workforce tracking, invoicing, parts and the compilation of long-term transaction histories, mobile workforce management software can significantly simplify how your business operates.

Through the centralization of worker logs and customer data, the back office is able to more effectively communicate with customers and contractors, ensuring service standards are followed.

How can Service Management Software save you money?

Business management platforms, such as BigChange’s JobWatch, can save your business money in 3 critical areas.

  • Contractor, Technician and Vehicle tracking
  • In the Back office
  • First-time fix rate & Improving Customer Satisfaction

Contractor/ Technician tracking

The lifeblood of any service business is its technicians. Through the effective management and tracking of technicians, a business is able to better assign tasks, provide essential inventory and inform the end customer of any unexpected delays or complications.

The best manner to support the essential tasks of; scheduling, routing and organising contractors as well as maintaining adequate inventory, fuel consumption records and mandatory maintenance requirements is a mobile workforce management platform.

According to Gartner, “by 2019 more than 70% of Field Service Organisations will equip field technicians with a mobile application that drives profitability.” With the implementation of dynamic workforce management software, such as BigChange’s JobWatch, drivers & technicians are able to accurately manage a range of service situations with ease.

Service management platforms can provide live Satellite Navigation (SatNav) which better directs drivers to the worksite, decreasing fuel costs and unneeded travel time. Whilst real-time alerts and courtesy text messages can keep customers informed in the case of a service delay.

Through effective communication and detailed travel logs, customers receive the best contractor for their needs while the technician is absolved of the often lengthy paper trail which was previously obligatory of most service calls and jobs.

Though the use of BigChange’s JobWatch Platform technicians are able to complete (on average) four extra jobs per month while reducing fuel costs by 10%.

5th March 2019



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