How To Tackle The Rising Fuel Costs With BigChange

Jonathan Isaacs
September 12, 2023

As businesses and drivers grapple with one of the most significant fuel price hikes in over two decades, the need for efficient management and operation strategies becomes crucial. Last month, petrol prices soared by nearly 7p to an average of 152.25p a litre, and diesel rose by 8p to 154.37p a litre, marking some of the sharpest monthly hikes in the last 23 years, as reported by the RAC (source).

At BigChange, we’re well poised to help businesses turn these challenges into opportunities Lets take a look at four ways we can help you reduce your fuel spend.

🚗 1. Optimise Every Journey with Route Optimiser 🚗

With the route optimiser feature, BigChange ensures you're always on the most fuel-efficient path. Avoiding detours and unnecessary miles can lead to significant fuel savings. In fact, customers who leverage our route optimiser save, on average, over £10,000 a year.

Our Route Optimiser is getting new features added all the time. Last month we added the ability to change start and end locations with ease.

Screenshot of the BigChange route optimiser, displaying how much travel distance, time and cost will change.

🕰️ 2. Seamless Scheduling and No Wasted Time 🕰️

Efficiency isn't just about the route—it's about making the most of your time. With our scheduling assistant, businesses can seamlessly fit in additional jobs without any wasted journeys or idle time.

In 2 clicks of the mouse, you can see who is available, has the skills to complete the job, and additional driving time/distance they will have to do in order to attend.

Not just that, we display the estimated job cost, AND show analysed data for the average time it takes them to complete the job, success rate and punctuality.

Allowing you to make an informed choice on who to schedule that last minute job to.

Screenshot showing the scheduling assistant, with various different resources, times, success rates and punctuality.

🚦 3. Vehicle Maintenance and Health Checks 🚦

A well-maintained vehicle is key to optimum fuel efficiency. After all, driving with incorrect tyre metrics can severely hamper your miles per gallon. As Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert points out (source):

Lower tyre pressures increase drag on a car, meaning you need more fuel. Regularly check the pressures are correct (overinflating will also use more fuel) and your car will need less oomph to keep it moving.

Martin Lewis, Founder of Money Saving Expert

BigChange's vehicle maintenance alerts ensure timely servicing, while our vehicle checks cover essentials like tyre pressure and tread.

Defect report dashboard powered by JobWatch

🏆 4. Gamifying Fuel Efficiency 🏆

Our driver behaviour reports aren't just about safety—they also promote fuel-efficient driving. By turning it into a competition among teams, we make fuel conservation fun and rewarding.

At BigChange, we don't just offer solutions; we transform the way businesses operate in the face of challenges. These recent fuel hikes underscore the importance of leveraging technology for smarter, more fuel-efficient decisions on the road.

Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange
Screenshot of tablet app, with driver behaviour score at 7.9 out of 10.
Driver behaviour score in the JobWatch app allows engineers to easily see how they are performing.
BigChange system showing driver behaviour report.
Driver behaviour report allows the back office to see how all engineers are performing. The report can even be scheduled to be sent to you each day!

📞 Always Here to Support You 📞

Existing Customers: Have questions or need assistance in navigating these fuel challenges? Your dedicated RoadCrew member or Customer Success Representative is ready to help. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Exploring BigChange? See how our Job Management System can transform your operations and help you tackle rising fuel costs. Click here for a no-obligation demonstration.

In the face of rising fuel costs, partnering with BigChange ensures that every challenge turns into a strategic opportunity. Because, with us, every change is a BigChange for the better.

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