September's Service Spike: Seven Smart Strategies from BigChange

Jonathan Isaacs
September 27, 2023

September in the UK isn't just about the changing seasons. For plumbing and heating companies, it's the onset of a bustling period. The demand is immense, and the need for efficiency is paramount. 

So, how do businesses, even those with small office teams, manage this surge without missing a beat? Chelsea Smith from Aspire Trade Services Ltd shares her secret: BigChange.

📅 1. Smart Scheduling: Maximising Efficiency 📅

Smart scheduling is the backbone of any service business, especially during peak times. BigChange's system allows Aspire to match postcodes, ensuring jobs in the same area are grouped together. This not only streamlines operations but also reduces unnecessary travel.

By optimising routes and ensuring engineers aren't crisscrossing the city, Aspire can serve more customers efficiently, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business.

Split screen, on the left statistics achieved when using efficient job scheduling on the right a job schedule.

🌐 2. Maps & Tracking: Always in the Know 🌐

Emergencies don't wait. With BigChange's real-time maps and tracking, Aspire can instantly pinpoint their nearest engineer to a client. This ensures rapid responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Beyond emergencies, this feature provides Aspire with a bird's-eye view of their operations, allowing for better resource allocation and ensuring that engineers are always where they are most needed.

A screen of the BigChange system showing tracking map with vehicles on.

🚗 3. Driver Behaviour Reports: Safety First 🚗

Reaching the destination quickly is important, but safety is paramount. BigChange's driver behaviour reports provide insights into how Aspire's team travels, keeping driving costs as low as possible. This ensures that safety standards are maintained, fostering a culture of care both for the team and the vehicles they use.

By monitoring driving habits, Aspire can provide feedback and training, ensuring their team not only reaches the destinations quickly but does so safely.

BigChange system showing driver behaviour report.

📧 4. Email Templates: Seamless Communication 📧

Efficient communication is key to customer satisfaction. BigChange's templates allow Aspire to combine all relevant job information into a single email or job sheet. This streamlines processes like job confirmations and feedback requests.

Moreover, by automating these communications, Aspire ensures consistency in their messaging, reducing the chance of errors and ensuring customers always have the information they need.

Man in high vis jacket on phone, with BigChange job sheet in the background.

💷 5. Electronic Invoices & Quotes: Speed and Efficiency 💷

In today's fast-paced world, responsiveness can set a business apart. With BigChange's electronic invoices and quotes, Aspire can swiftly address customer queries. This not only ensures improved cash flow but also positions them as a go-to service.

By reducing the time between job completion and invoicing, Aspire also improves its cash flow, ensuring the business remains robust even in the busiest times.

A Plumbing Business Guide To Quoting, Invoicing & VAT

🌟 6. Favourite View: Quick Access 🌟

A platform should be user-friendly and intuitive. BigChange's favourite view feature offers Aspire's team a personalised experience. They can easily navigate the site, access reports swiftly, and add common filters.

This customisation ensures that the team spends less time searching for the information they need and more time acting on it, improving overall efficiency and responsiveness.

A user-friendly platform, with a map and charts for a personalised experience.

🚩 7. Flags: Clarity at a Glance 🚩

A quick glance should provide all the information needed. With BigChange's flags, Aspire can instantly identify the status of a job. Whether it's jobs that need parts, those that are urgent, or those ready to be scheduled, clarity is always at their fingertips.

This visual cue system ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, and every job receives the attention it deserves.

With just an office team of two, the September rush could have been overwhelming, but with BigChange, we're not just managing; we're excelling. It's like having an extra set of hands, ensuring everything runs smoothly. From scheduling to invoicing, BigChange has transformed how we operate, allowing us to focus on what we do best: serving our customers.

Chelsea Smith, Business Development & Operations Manager at Aspire Trade Services Ltd

Hearing stories like Chelsea's is what drives us at BigChange. We're not just offering a platform; we're providing a solution that empowers businesses, big or small, to navigate their busiest times with confidence and efficiency.

Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange

Embrace the September surge with BigChange by your side. With tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of the plumbing and heating industry, you're not just adapting to the rush – you're mastering it.

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