BigChange Collaboration Network Helps Lift Companies Elevate Service Performance

Leeds, 18 November 2020 - The BigChange Network is helping two lift companies collaborate to extend the geographical reach of their operations whilst maintaining their service standards and customer satisfaction levels.

VM Elevators, based just outside London, and Pinnacle Elevators, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, are both users of the mobile workforce management technology from BigChange. Using the 5-in-1 cloud solution as a common platform allows VM and Pinnacle to seamlessly share jobs across their combined mobile workforce with automated alerts, reporting and billing. Both companies are also seeing new business opportunities through the BigChange Network with the use of a common platform appealing to potential customers in the facilities management sector.

Simon Whitbread, Managing Director of VM Elevators commented:

"BigChange already saves us money and time; it does what it promises with no issues and no glitches."

"So, when we were introduced to the collaboration Network we jumped at the opportunity join. The BigChange Network has helped streamline our relationship with Pinnacle, improving communication and giving us complete visibility of our extended workforce."

VM and Pinnacle Elevators are existing users of BigChange, which provides a single platform CRM, Job Scheduling, Mobile App Tracking and a Customer Portal that manages quotation to invoice. Both companies now use the BigChange Network to respond to lift and elevator service and maintenance call-outs that are beyond the geographical reach of their current operations. Jobs can be posted using the BigChange shared system and app with quotes and job sheets automatically raised and the Network gives both parties complete visibility of job progress end to end.

VW Elevators Elevators employee using the BigChange Network to share distribute work

Steve Cullis, Managing Director of Pinnacle Elevators added:

"BigChange allows us to communicate real time information within our organisation and between ourselves and our customers."

"Using the Network we can extend this functionality to partner organisations. We can in effect expand and contract our workforce to respond to fluctuations in demand without the usual trials and tribulations of hiring and firing or the uncertainty of unfamiliar contractors."

Steve continued:

"Using the BigChange Network we have recently been able to engage with a potentially significant new client."

"Once again the Network provided a common platform that improves communication; they know they can post service requests and, depending on location and existing commitments, we or VM can respond as appropriate."

The BigChange Collaboration Network provides a secure and private environment for business to connect with other businesses and discover new opportunities. Using the Network, organisations can allocate customer’s jobs to each other, automatically track job progress, streamline reporting and billing, whilst maintaining their brand presence and quality assurance standards.

Pinnacle Elevators and VM Elevators working via the BigChange Network
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