Green Spark Environmental Cleans Up Their Operation with Field Service Management Software from BigChange

A specialist in pollution prevention, including drainage services, Green Spark works with some of the UK’s largest brands, on a national scale. Green Spark introduced the BigChange job management system to improve the flow of information between field staff, using the mobile app, and the back-office. Working with BigChange to get the best from the 6-in-one solution, Green Spark has embraced it fully as its core CRM and management system, with RAMS and job processes being controlled by BigChange and customer sign-offs, via the field-based tablet apps.
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Before BigChange, Green Spark relied on spreadsheets and e-mails, as did most companies at the time, but the need to scale and grow led to the search for improvement.


The configurability of BigChange was an important factor in selecting and developing it and achieving the best outputs and controls.

Green Spark offers a range of services including drain verification and drainage plans, maintenance and servicing of interceptors, pollution prevention planning, and spill response training. More recently it has incorporated a subsidiary company, Green Spark Utilities, that also uses BigChange Field Service Management Software, which serves the Water Industry around wet well and sewer investigation and cleaning works, together with heavy industrial works.


“We have grown carefully over the last few years consolidating our quality in training and standardisation of field operations. Now with 100 staff, one of the most difficult aspects of this sector is that engineers brought in from other companies have their own ideas on how to do things.


“We like to train from within, and have BigChange govern our procedures and monitor our success rates, from planned works to reactive responses,” commented Alistair McGregor, Senior Manager at Green Spark.


Field engineers use the BigChange app on tablets and are automatically connected to the back-office system so they can access all relevant customer and site information. Management has complete visibility of engineers’ location and activity and MI information from BigChange benefits from bespoke configuration to be measured and displayed.


The BigChange live linked app and back-office system together with integrated CRM, are also improving the flow of real-time information between Green Spark and its customers. More process driven information captured in the field improves quality control and speeds up accurate customer reporting.


“We continue to attract some of the biggest multi-site brand names based on our skills and professional competency and they trust us to develop an understanding of their pollution pathways and our ability to provide objective advice and pragmatic solutions.


“Working with BigChange we have a reliable back-office system that supports our innovative thinking in the sector.” McGregor continued.

“Working with BigChange we have a reliable back-office system that supports our innovative thinking in the sector as we continue to attract some of the biggest multi-site brand names.”
Alistair McGregor
Senior Manager, Green Spark Environmental
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