Warmzilla puts BigChange at the heart of online heating revolution

WarmZilla, the national heating and home services innovator, is driving expansion with a cloud-based job management system and mobile working app. Supplied by BigChange, WarmZilla is putting the 6-in-1 system at the heart of its plans to become a household name
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Plumbing, heating and HVAC
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Rainham, Essex

increase in productivity


increase in network installers


A thriving business that had outgrown its custom built solution and had ambitious plans for expansion and brand recognition.


Streamlined and automated workflows that integrate with online presence & other management systems to boost efficiency and increase productivity by 50%.

Through an online platform, WarmZilla makes it easier to buy and install everything from boilers to EV chargers to Smart Home gadgets and security systems. Using BigChange WarmZilla has increased productivity by 50%, boosted efficiency, and enabled the Cardiff based business to double the size of its network of installers.

WarmZilla’s founders, brothers Matthew, and Rhys Powell, had the vision to simplify the way boilers were purchased. Armed with a massive flow diagram they went about putting together an e-commerce platform that provided a simple solution to a complicated problem. An online survey guides customers through a series of questions relating to their existing heating solution and their house configuration before recommending suitable boilers.

Once chosen, optional extras can be added and an installation date selected – and that’s where BigChange comes in.

“When we started, we had everything custom built, in accordance with our flow diagram and our vision. However, as we have expanded our product offering and our service coverage, we have learned that to be a jack of all trades and a master of none is not an ethos that sits well with us.

“BigChange, like us, is the best at what it does. Using BigChange we can manage the workflow from the moment the customer check’s out to the point they add their signature to the job sheet and work onsite is complete. With up to 100 jobs a week, that is no mean feat!” Rhys Powell, co-founder and Operations Director, WarmZilla.

WarmZilla works UK-wide with more than 500 fully vetted and approved WarmInstallers and is always looking to add more quality service providers to its network. Using the BigChange job management system, which incorporates a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, resource management, financial management, and business intelligence, WarmZilla can automatically allocate new installations based on engineer location and availability.

Pre and post implementation job sheets are digitally produced and sent to the engineer using the BigChange app. Once filled out onsite, complete with date, time, and location stamped photographs and customer signature, the job sheets are shared with the back-office BigChange system where the information is used for invoicing and customer follow-up.

“BigChange does the heavy lifting. It takes the stress out of day-to-day tasks by streamlining and automating workflows and by seamlessly integrating with our online presence and other business management systems.

“Unlike other systems, BigChange is extremely scalable, it’s designed to integrate and it’s built to be updated with new functionality and improved performance continuously added.” Matthew Powel, co-founder and Managing Director, WarmZilla.

"Unlike other systems, BigChange is extremely scalable, it’s designed to integrate and it’s built to be updated with new functionality and improved performance continuously added".
Matthew Powel
Co-founder and Managing Director, WarmZilla.
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