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The Benefits of Retaining Field Service Clients






> The Benefits of Retaining Field Service Clients

High-quality Field Service Management (FSM) is about effectively optimising and organising operations outside of your office, often in arenas that are in close proximity to your clients. In the past, field service technicians were heavily reliant on time-consuming manual processes riddled with the potential for human error. But, times have changed.

The right FSM solution could be the key to a host of immediate and long-term benefits — including more responsive reaction times, resource optimisation and improved customer experience.

The reality is, businesses who opt to ignore their clients’ needs, desires and expectations are putting their bottom line on the line. For example, did you know that in 2018 businesses collectively lost £55 billion in revenue due to poor customer service?

Read on to find out the benefits of retaining customers and discover how to retain your clients. 

What Kind of Service do Today’s Field Service Clients Expect?

While FSM can deliver lucrative benefits for both you and your clients, managing field service systems and processes is not without its potential challenges. 

Today’s customers expect an effortless and dependable service experience. But, although your field service clients may be expecting more, it can be difficult to meet expectations while juggling other business factors, including cost, resources and budget.

Between customer demands for faster service and a preference to have problems solved without having a technician physically present in their home — field service is ripe for digital disruption. 

However, even with the technology and software options available on the market, too many businesses are still reliant on outdated job scheduling tools or don’t have an existing system at all. 

Using a comprehensive, paperless field service platform like BigChange can help your company harness the power of the cloud and improve profitability. With a bird’s eye view of your operations, you can use precise data and up-to-the-minute information to optimise the performance of field service engagements.

By making it simpler to get the right people, tools and resources to the right place at the right time, you’ll be able to meet your customers’ high standards and retain them long-term.

The Benefits of Retaining Customers and Field Service Clients

It’s Cheaper to Retain Existing Customers than Acquire New Ones

There’s no escaping that customer experience is tied synonymously with how customers perceive their interactions with your company. The service you strive to deliver should always be useful, supportive, friendly and even enjoyable from the customer’s point of view in order to stand a chance of boosting your retention rates. 

While data varies from industry to industry, research concludes that customer acquisition is far more expensive than retention. In fact, it may cost your company up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

One of the reasons is that attracting new customers requires constant improvement and sharpening of your products and services to stay ahead of your competitors. When your customers are already loyal and satisfied, your competitors make less of an impact. 

Once you have a good rapport with a field service client, they may even provide you with valuable feedback when prompted. Embracing both positive and negative criticism is key. 

Encourage your clients to tell you what changes and improvements they’d like to see, and determine what specific aspects of the experience you deliver is making your top customers loyal to your brand. Identifying the ways you can replicate your offerings is an effective way to grow your business and increase customer engagement.

It’s a Boost to Your Bottom Line and Brand Reputation

As we briefly outlined, customer retention is a driver of profitability. A healthy bottom line translates to sustainable growth for your company. Did you know that prioritising customer experience and increasing customer retention by just 5% can lead to a 25% increase in profitability?

Strengthening customer retention requires incentivising your current field service clients to engage more with your brand. Measured using customer surveys, online reviews and social media interactions, customer satisfaction is the best gauge of how likely your brand is to receive repeat business from happy field service clients. 

To harness the benefits of profitability and reputability, measuring and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) will keep your company and your team of technicians moving in the right direction. KPI metrics you may consider adopting may include:

  • Time to schedule
  • Time to first contact
  • Response time
  • Travel time
  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Jobs completed per day/week/month
  • Number of repeat visits.
Loyal Customers are More Forgiving in the Event Something Goes Wrong

Staggeringly, research conducted by American Express concluded that a third of customers would consider switching companies after a single instance of poor customer service. 

Despite striving to deliver perfect customer experiences, every company makes mistakes at one time or another. The data proves that loyal customers are more lenient and willing to forgive. PR Week found that two-thirds of loyal customers claimed they’d be more willing to forgive a company for a mistake provided they felt the brand was purpose-driven or cared about them and their specific needs.

The quickest way to lose trust in your customers is to deliver a disappointing customer experience. In the world of FSM, late appointments, cancelled meetings and frustrating double bookings can all create a negative outlook for your business. While the majority (67%) of customers would likely forgive after one mishap, on repeat instances there’s a strong likelihood they’ll seek services from a competitor.

How to Retain your Field Service Clients

Deliver a Faster, Slicker and More Connected Service

As the field service landscape evolves to meet modern needs, it’s clear that creating an excellent customer experience must be treated as a priority for your business to thrive. After all, according to Hubspot, 93% of people are more likely to be repeat customers at companies with excellent customer service. 

At a minimum, customers expect you to deliver products and services they pay for. You’re reliant on your employees to meet those expectations. For that reason, it’s vital that your field service technicians can stick to assigned schedules even when they’re away from the office or other team members.

To deliver a faster, more seamless service for your field service clients, you must have visibility on your technicians’ real-time location, performance and adherence with assigned jobs and hours. Tracking your workforce can help you to allocate work orders faster and manage the distribution of tasks as the need arises.

With increased connectivity and greater access to precise data, a cloud-based FSM system like BigChange can help you provide a proactive customer experience service that’s both efficient and effective.

Communicate with Clarity and Transparency

Let’s be real, no one likes to be left in the dark or to be taken by surprise. Your customers will always want to be in the know with new information. When looking for ways to retain your clients, start with communication. 

Take the time to send your field service clients helpful updates or notices about their upcoming service, project status or price quotes. Leading with clarity and transparency gives your clients visibility over the work you’re conducting, embedding confidence in your company’s ability to complete the job in a timely manner.

When technicians have access to field service software, they can be more open with customers. Equipped with essential information about the individual customer’s history, they can accurately explain changes and decisions made after past enquiries and engagements.

You can also put the control back in your customer’s hands by providing a self-service option that allows them to choose the services and appointments they want. From automatic texts to tell customers when you’ll be with them, to a self-service portal to make job requests, a tool like BigChange means you can quickly and easily keep your customers up-to-date. 

Better yet, your clients won’t have to go through the hassle of call centres and multiple customer service representatives — with BigChange they’re on a fast-track to problem resolution.

Improve Visibility of your Inventory and Individual Customer Profiles

When a customer experiences an issue and reaches out to your company for field service assistance, the reality is that the clock has already started ticking for your team. Every minute that passes counts when it comes to customer retention. 

The speedier and more helpful the service you provide, the more a customer dealing with a critical problem will reward your organisation. But what technologies or tools can you harness to deliver a fast and efficient field service?

The answer: a digital inventory control and management system. 

Improving inventory visibility equips technicians with the right tools they need to help a field service client in need. Having the means to track material orders helps monitor material usage and availability, while providing insights into best-selling items, market trends and over-consumption of certain materials. 

Opt for a complete software solution that connects a technician’s mobile device to your organisation’s CRM system, inventories and customer profiles in real-time. That way, your field service workers have the knowledge databases to deliver impactful customer experiences that lead to higher retention.

Adopt a Cloud-Based Platform

It’s no secret that today’s emerging technologies will power tomorrow’s customer service experiences. 

Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can reduce costs by partnering with a cloud-based field service management software provider. Moving to the cloud is guaranteed to slash the costs of managing and maintaining your IT systems in the long-term.

Early adopters of cloud-based CRM systems have discovered a competitive advantage over other companies that aren’t using modern ways to connect with their customers. The average person uses 36 cloud-based services daily — meaning you’ll be meeting your customers where they already are.

With a cutting-edge workforce management system like BigChange, you can organise and optimise for the most significant factors that influence the customer experience. Your back office teams can work in collaboration to easily monitor, schedule and dispatch service requests so that your field-based workers’ strongest skills are deployed to meet customer expectations the first time, every time. 

Field service management software can enhance your business by making it more efficient and providing employees with the resources to make their jobs easier. Investing in a field service solution will establish better customer relationships, improve retention rates, reduce operational costs, and improve cash flow.

Make Field Service Problems a Thing of the Past with BigChange

Save valuable time and stay connected to every aspect of your business with BigChange. 

Our secure, cloud-based software helps you track and control every job, from quotation to payment, on a single platform. Everything you need to know will be at your fingertips, making it easy to plan, manage, schedule and track your field-based workforce and transport operations.

Plus, you’ll be able to make the most of our dedicated, expert support.

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19th January 2022



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