You Asked, We Delivered - Group Job Overview

Jonathan Isaacs
October 10, 2023

You Asked

For a streamlined tool to gain insights into the progression and financial status of group jobs at a glance.

We Delivered

The Group Job Overview - a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time insights into every aspect of your group job's progress, from operational to financial.

We know that handling group jobs is difficult so BigChange has simplified the process providing a clear overview over three key areas:

  1. Monitoring Operational Progress: Planning and scheduling, along with times of completion.
  2. Financial Insight: Instantly spot which jobs are ready for invoicing.
  3. Evaluating Profitability: With planned vs. actual revenue and cost insights.

The Group Job Overview allows you to:

  • Visually track a group job's status.
  • Compare actual vs. planned job and driving times.
  • Easily input planned revenue and costs for each group job.
  • Instantly understand projected profits, costs to date, and invoiced amounts at a glance.

This comprehensive view ensures no detail is overlooked and improves inter-departmental collaborations, especially between operations and finance.

Stage 3 unlocks the power of data analytics, giving businesses the tools they need to optimise their operations and financial management.

Take your first step into using the Group Job Overview by visiting our release notes page. For further assistance or queries, reach out to RoadCrew or your customer success representative.

For those not yet on BigChange and looking to elevate their group job management, book a session with our product experts today.

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